Sunday, July 8, 2007

The insanity in Springfield continue today with the Illinois State Senate showing how much of waste of tax payers money these special sessions are. After meting for a minutes with many of the Democrat senators not in attendance, the session was adjourned it with conducting any business or taking any votes. Later on rumor surfaced that the Governor told State Senate President Emil Jones to tell his member not to bother showing up today or Monday, while the State House is expected to be in session both days.
The entire overtime session is joke and waste of tax payers money, there is going to be no budget until the Democrat and Republican leaders of the State Houses and the Governor come to an agreement. The Governor is going to have to give up most of his massive spending increase, because the State House is not going to pass them, and rightfully so. The Governor seems more interested in playing political games and trying to cause problems for his rival, Speaker of the State House Mike Madigan.

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