Thursday, February 7, 2008


The results from Super Tuesday have given us answers on one side of the race and no answers on the other. On the Republican side the race is over with McCain now almost certain to be the nominee, particular with Romney now out of the race and the Democrat side the race is still neck and neck. I would expect that if the Democrat race turns into a long drawn out bitter fight that ends closely, that it may be hard for the Democrat to completely reconcile before the general election and that could hurt them, particularly if McCain can unite the Republican party and use the down time to replenish and build up his war chest.

The most interesting things on the Republican side was how well that Huckabee did, it seems that he brand of populist social-conservatism appeals to fair number of people, particular in the South and some parts of the Mid-West. Which make sense since many of these areas were the hot bed areas of past populist movements. The other thing that may be of interest is if this is the start of new movement with in the Republican Party. I for one hope not because populism cares with bad economic policies.

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