Sunday, March 9, 2008

Rebuiliding the Illinios GOP

Jim Oberweis defeat this Saturday in an Congressional District that is overwhelming Republican and that gave President Bush 55 percent of its vote in 2004 shows how much work that the Republican Party in Illinois needs to do in order to become competitive again in the political process, in general the Illinois Republican Party needs to accept it weakness in the present and build for the future.

1. The Illinois Republican Party needs to focus on building up its farm team so that it will have a strong pool of candidates from which to recruit candidates for office in the future. This means seeking out young dynamic individuals with strong ties to their local communities and the ability to effectively communicate ideas. Along with this the Illinois Republican Party needs to work to improve it presences on University and College Campuses in the State so that every school in the State has a strong campus Republican organization and that every county, or small group of counties in less populace areas, has a strong active young Republican Organization.

2. Create a clear well though out and defined set of policies for fixing the State financial and economic problems. No more vague talk of cutting spending and keep taxes low, but specific areas that need to be target to cut, well need to show the public that we have a well thought and defined alternative to the policies of the Illinois Democrat Party and Governor Blagojevich that we can work to implement from day one. Make it clear how reducing the size of government, taxes and the regulatory burden will improve Illinois’ economy and how increase economic growth will do more to help reduce poverty and improve peoples lives than government programs.

3. Make ending Government corruption a top issues, make it clear that we understand that in the past the Illinois Republican Party has had it problems with corruption like the Democrats but that we have moved on from this and are committed to keep it out of our party and removing it from state and local government bodies and the will not tolerate any corruption in our members.

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