Wednesday, November 5, 2008

To my fellow Republicans

Quite frankly last night we got what we deserved President Bush in office had turned away from almost everyone of the values of that we as Republican are suppose to have. In 1994 the Republican party became the majority party in both Houses of Congress for first time in decades by running on a platform of changing and reforming Washington and reducing the size of government and a some head was made on this but the sad thing is that most of the head way was made when President Clinton was in office and their was a split control of the government. When President Bush came into office and for long periods of his term the GOP had control over one or both Houses of Congress we had the real change to make some major changes and vastly improve and shrink the size of government, but none of this happen. Instead we became the big spenders who ran up the running up the deficit, throwing out pay as you go rules, adding new entitlement programs, increasing agricultural subsidies and other forms of government interventions in the markets. Many social conservatives instead of wanting to reduce the government roles in people's private life and empower and strength families came to see government power as a way to push their values and fiscal conservatives seemingly became almost totally silent. We had a chance to make a number of major changes that could of set America on a better stronger course, reform social security, reform and simplify the tax system, reduce government spending and the size of government, pay down the debt, expanding free trade, reforming education and instead we let that opportunity. We deserved the defeat that was inflicted on last night, hopefully we will learn our lessons from it.

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