Monday, November 12, 2007

Reforming Federal Government spending

As I stated in my last post, I intend to talk about ways the the Federal Government could reduce spending, cut taxes and benefit the economy.
End Farm subsidies, as I mentioned in one of my previous post, farm subsidies are bad for the economy and environment, ending the farm subsidy program would save taxpayers around 38 billion dollars a year.

Terminate the International Trade Administration, this department is suppose to promote US Exports, but most evidence indicates that it has little or no effects on the amount of goods and services that the United States exports each year, ending it would save tax payers around 400 million dollars a year.

Terminate the Federal Technology and Industry programs, these program are suppose to subsidize the development of new techonologies by private firms in the economy to make the American Economy more competitive, but in reality they have little effect and the 400 million dollars a year spent on this program is a drop in the bucket compared to the 100 billion spent private investors and organizations on the same thing. These programs sever little practical purpose and should be ended.

Privatize the four Federal Power Market Administrations, these agencies have the job of marketing power from the 120 federally owned power damns, privatizing these agencies would save the taxpayers several billion dollars a year and could raise 10 billion dollars in funds. Sell 3 of them was original proposed by President Clinton in 1996.

Terminate the Community Development Block Grants, these grants were designed to provide help to low income areas, but for the most part these grants are ineffective and produce little in the way of improvement in low income ares. Far more of the money ends up going to wealth neighbor, often funding thing like malls and shopping developments that should be paid for with private funds. End these programs or substantially cutting and reforming them could save the taxpayers up to up 5 billion dollars a year.

Terminate the operation of the Bureau of Reclamations, the job of this agency is to run operations to provide power and water to area in the west. Its operations make little economic sense and the projects that are under taken by it often damage the environment and the subsidization of the water and power that the taxpayers pay for through this agency is helping to cause the water problems in the American West by encouraging more people to move to the area than it can support. This agencies should be privatized and government subsidization ended, this would save the tax payers 1-2billion dollars a year.

Terminate the Bureau of Indian Affairs, this agency is a remnant of by gone age that needs to go, the management of Indians lands should be turned over to the tribes and subsidization should end. Terminating this Bureau would save the taxpayers around 5 billion dollars a year.

In my next post I will continue talking about programs that can be terminated or privatized and other fundlemental government reforms.

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