Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Wrong mindset in Washington

While listening to speech given be a candidate to replace Congressmen Ray Lahood at Saturday morning Tazewell County GOP breakfast it struck my that many Republicans also share the wrong kind of mindset with Democrats, and that mind set is that everything will be ok if can just get more back from Washington D.C., part of the problem with Government right now is that to many members of Congress share this mind set. Instead of trying to find ways to reform Government, reduce it size and make it more efficient, they just want to get more pork for their district. So that when election time comes around again they can say look how much money I have brought back home and use projects to bribe support for interest groups, like business or unions that stand to benefit from pork projects. Each year the Government spends bills on pork projects that produce little in the way of actual benefits for the economy. Instead of Republican candidates talking about how they are going to bring more money back to there districts in the forms of new projects, we need ones talking about how they are going to leave more money in there districts by reducing unneeded government spending and reducing taxes.
In way it is weird that the biggest supporters of tax and spend, or borrow and spend, policies tend to be in political blue states, because these states tend to pay more money into the government than they receive back from it and red state that tend to have fewer supporters of these policies when they receive a disportant about the benefits from government spending. So when it comes to government spending, blue states tend to be net loser and red states net gainers. Over my next few post, I plan to talk about ways to reduce the amount that goverment spends each year.

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