Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Another Voice against the Gross Recepits Tax

There is more opposition to the Gross Receipts Tax coming out, today The Chicago Urban League President Cheryle Jackson said that while she agrees with what the Governor is trying to do, she oppose his tax increases. To quote her: “What this legislation does is penalizes the very thing that is the answer to economic development and job creation in the Black community,” Jackson continued. “It penalizes and discourages the very thing that is going to increase more jobs and increase more development in the Black community.” She is exactly right, economic growth is the engine that will improve black communities in the State, poor communities and every other community. Economic growth means new and better jobs for unemployed and those in low income jobs; it means more money for everyone, better education oppurnties and development. Economic growth is the thing that can help to alleviate or end poverty. The Gross Receipts Tax would hurt economic growth in the state, which means fewer new business in the state, fewer new jobs and possibly companies leaving the state and cutting back on the number of employees that they have. This means that you will have fewer people being able to work their way out of poverty and more people that will have to rely on government programs and aid. Hopefully more community leaders will be able to see the negative effects of the Governors tax grab and will oppose it. The best way to defeat this tax is for there to be a coalition made up of both business and community, right and left, that oppose the Gross Receipts Taxes and it negative effects.

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