Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Will Nothing Get Done in Springfield this Summer

There are now rumors that nothing will get done in Springfield this summer as the Governor will refuse to sign any bills until he gets his proposed tax and spending increases. What this means is that all of the issues that are pressing the state, the under funded state pension that threatens to destroy the state finances in the long run, education reform, property taxes, needed improvements to the State’s capital infrastructure, ect, might not get addressed. If the rumors are true this means that Governor Blagojevich is willing to hold the future of the State of Illinois hostage unless the State Legislator gives into him on a massive tax increase that is oppose by not just Republican and Business groups, but by leading Democrats, including his own Lt. Governor, consumer and urban groups. The voters need to put pressure on Governor Blagojevich to drop his planned massive tax increase and work with the Democratic and Republican leaders in the State House to pass a budget that controls spending, cuts back on unneeded programs and pork, fixes the State Pension System and improves funding for capital project and other needed programs.

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