Monday, March 26, 2007

A Golden Opportunity for the Illinos Republican Part

The Gross Receipts Tax debate has handed the Republican Party a golden opportunity to turn around it fortunes in Illinois. More likely than not the Gross Receipts Tax is going to go down in flames, but the Illinois Republican Party needs to play it right. First of all they need to come up with alternative proposal to fix the State’s financial woes that focus on spending controls and smart pro-economic growth polices. Along with that they need to present policies to reform the State education systems, even thou there is little chance of anything that is put foreword by the Illinois GOP passing, it will help to show that they can lead were Governor Blagojevich and Illinois State Senate President Emilio Jones can not.

Next they work hard with Democrats that oppose the Gross Receipts Tax and make sure everyone knows that it is a bi-partisan effort and that when the Illinois Republican Party come back to power they can and will be willing to working with the other side. Secondly as much as we focus on the negative effects that the Governor’s Tax increases will have on businesses, we need to also focus on the negative effects on the consumers. One of the main points that needs to be made is that it will raise the cost of everything people buy and that because the poor spend most of, if not all of, their income on goods and services they will see the percentage of their income that goes to taxes raised by the most. That slower economic growth means fewer new and better paying jobs in the states, which makes it harder for the poor to work their way out of poverty. It needs to made a matter of businesses, consumers and the poor and how it will hurt them all.

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