Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Death of the Gross Receipts Tax

I know it’s been a wile since I Have last posted, but I have been busy with finals and grading papers, so here we go. Last week the Illinois State House held an advisory vote on the Gross Receipts tax and 107 seven members voted against with 7 voting present and zero voting for it. Immediately before the vote Governor Blagojevich told his supports in the Illinois House to vote against the measure saying that something like this was to important for advisory votes and that they should vote no as protest. IT should be clear the real reason he told them to vote no was he realized that there would be close to hundred no votes any way and he knew that getting hundred no votes would pretty much kill the Gross Receipts Tax, so this was a measure of desperation on his part.

Every voter in the State should write his representive in the State House and thank them for voting no on the Gross Receipts Tax. For to longer the citizens of Illinois have been asked to pay for wastefully and unneeded State programs, by both Democrats and Republicans. It’s time for that to change, the State need finical responsibility before there is an consideration of new taxes, because if not the new tax revenues will be wasted and we will ended up in the same boat we are in now in 5 to 10 years. New taxes will hurt everyone in the state, reducing the incomes of the states poorest, middle class and richest alike and hurt economic and job growth.

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