Friday, May 4, 2007

The Illinois Medical Soceity and the Gross Recepits Tax

Today the Illinois Medical Society the leading medical organization in the state representing over 13,000 doctors came out against Governor Blagojevich’s 7 billion dollar tax increase plan, the Gross Receipts Tax and the much less mentions but just as bad payroll tax. While the IMS support medical reform in Illinois it oppose the Governors the plan as to costly. IT tells you something when a group whose members would stand to gain a lot of money from a plan opposes, it tells you that it’s a very bad plan for the state.

Illinois at the moment does not need any new tax, the state is finally recovering economically after lagging behind the rest of the nation and any added tax burden would hurt the State’s recovery. What the State needs is fiscal reasonability on the part of the General Assembly and the Governor, over his 4 plus years in office the Governor has continued the state bad tradition of not full funding it pension programs, but he has also added millions, if not billions, of dollars in spending on unneeded programs that in some case duplicate services offered by existing programs. How about before adding any new taxes we try and control spending and close up the loopholes in the existing tax laws? The Governor like to say that opponents of his Gross Receipts Tax are all greedy business and their lackies, but opposition has come from his own party and from liberal groups that are not usually consider to be pro-business, such as the Illinois Green Party.

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