Friday, May 18, 2007

Protecting Incumbents and Hurting Voters

It seems all but certain that the Illinois will move it primary to February 5 next year from its traditional March date. Will it’s good that Illinois will have stronger voice in the Presidential Primaries; this will be in bad in part because the state is also moving the primary for all other state, county and federal offices back to February the 5th too. This is gong to provide more protection for incumbent candidates. The early primary date means that campaigning will have to start in November and December during the holiday season, when a large percentage of the electorate will not be paying attention. This is going to benefits incumbent candidates since they have a stronger name recognition and candidates that maybe trying to challenge them during a primary will have hard time making up this advantage in name recognition since it will be harder for to get their name out their because most voters will not be paying as much attention to political races during the holiday season and they will only have the end of January to try and make up for this. It will also favor candidates with more money and support for the political structure since they will have an advantage from the start and it will be hard for outsider candidates to one get name traction and race money and then use that make up for any weakness they have in name recognition or political insider supports that other candidates may have. While Illinois needs to move back it Presidential primary so that will have more of say in choosing the Republican and Democratic nominee for President, we need to leave all of the other primaries where they are. Everyone should contact their State Reps and Senators and tell them this, give us a stronger voice in the Presidential Primaries, but don’t give incumbent and name candidates extra protection.

Every one that is boxing fan or has any kind of interest in it should watch tomorrows card on HBO, while the main event between Middleweight Champion Jermain Taylor and former Welterweight King and Lt. Middleweight Champion Corey Spinks may not be much of fight, the under card fight of Edison Miranda and Kelly Pavlik could be a classic. Pavlik is a tall stronger aggressive boxer-puncher and Miranda is a all action puncher with a huge shot, who batter top Super Middleweight prospect Allen Green in his last fight.

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