Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Budget Impass continues

The budget stalemates continue in Springfield, today 22 of the 114 members of the State House of Representatives, lead by the Governor’s point man Jay Hoffman, sent out a letter calling on the House, Senate and Governor to negotiate on a budget and calling the budget passed by the House and Speaker Mike Madigan unaccepted and they want a large increase in spending. Speaker Madigan’s budget, while far from perfect, at least controls spending for the next year and does not increase the tax burden on the citizens and business of Illinois.

In the long run what the State of Illinois is a complete overhaul of it finances and a review of every state program to first see if the program is need or if it duplicates a service already provide by other programs. Then if the program is needed to see if it is run in the most cost effective manner, and if it is not being run in a cost effective manner, then the program should be corrected. This should also be extended to entire state agencies, to check for redundancies and efficiency

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