Thursday, June 7, 2007

More on the Budget

Yesterday it came out that Illinois Senate President Emil Jones has punished certain Democratic members of the Illinois State Senate for opposing the Governor’s proposed Universal Health Care programs and massive business tax that would go along with it. Senate President Emil Jones stripped South Side Chicago Senator Lou Viverito of his position on the powerful Senate Rules Committee and barred him Leadership meetings, because of his opposing the Governor’s policies. In Particular Senator Viverito opposed the Gross Receipts Tax and the addition of four new casinos to the state and slot machines in race tracks.

Governor Blagojevich also demand that the State General Assembly stay in session for 5 days a week until the budget is complete which seems fun coming for him, seeing as he barely been in Springfield during the budget debate and up until this point has made no effort to exert any kind of leadership. It is interesting to note that almost every day this week the Governor has flown back home from Springfield to Chicago each night and then flown back to Springfield each morning, on the tax payers dime of course and unlike the members of the State General Assembly, who have to pay for their hotel room and food now since the regular session is over and they have lost there 125 dollar a day expenses account, the Governor has a tax pay provided Mansion to stay in Springfield and food provide, not that he stays in the Mansion much.

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