Friday, June 1, 2007

The Governor Loses it

The Illinois Budget battle and Governor Blagojevich entered a new level of insanity today, when Governor Blagojevich reportedly threaten Democrat State Senator Mike Jacobs of East Moline when he refused to support Senate Bill 5, the Governors massive new Health Care program that the State cannot afford. The Governor reportedly offer to release 75 million dollars for Western Illinois University which is in Senators Jacobs district if he support the measure and then when he still refused, the Governor reportedly called the President of WIU and said that Senator Jacobs had cost the University a promised 14 million dollar grant and threaten to run a candidate against him next year and went into a profanity laden tirade and doubled his fist like he wanted to fight him.

Heres the link to CBS interview with Senator Jacobs,

This is just another example of the Governors inability to lead, he can not even get all of the Senators in his own party to support him. When he cant win he resorts to threats and attempts at intimidatation.

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